Brushless Juggernaut 2


Below is the development pics of my yellow Juggernaut 2, sadly now the project has come to an end. The truck went through a number of incarnations to try to make it faster and handle better, but in the end I reached the limit of what the truck could do, there is only so much power you can put to a solid axle truck.

The project started with a new truck, ballraces, a pair of 13x2 motors and an emaxx tranny. This was short lived and very soon the list of modifications had grown. The main problem was me fitting hot motors when what it really needed was more torque, but this was back in 2001 and not many people were making trucks fast back then.


Chassis modds

Power mods
Custom parts
E-maxx transmission 1) pair of 13x2 - not fast enough front and rear bumpers
ESP Swaybars 2) pair of 7x2 - not enough torque skid plates
ESP long wheelbase kit 3) pair of 9x1s - not enough power tranny mounts
ESP Cantilevers 4) pair of 9x1s on 10 cells - not enough power

battery tray

TTR Wheel wideners 5) three 9x1's - still not enough power radio tray
4 x 100mm threaded shocks 6) pair of brushless lehner 4200's ball differential
Proline giant track tyres motor mounts
1/4 scale servo
4 channel radio
new era side plates


All video's are of the final version of the truck with twin lehner 4200's and the non car warrior controllers on 7 cells. Since then i have switched to the Schulz 58ce which is a more car oriented controller and stays nice and cool with 7 cells runing through it. Having said that the performance was not as good as it could have been, each motor developes nearly 700 watts but my cells were not up to the job of producing that as they were nothing special. If I had been using proper matched cells the performance would have been 2x what you see here.


Juggernaut 2 - Tarmac testing